Averkios Katsipis

Technical Trainer

Brief CV

Averkios Katsipis is a high school graduate specializing in aluminum frames and metal structures. He has valuable experience and know-how, as from 1981 to 2002 he ran a privately owned aluminum construction business.

From 2000 to 2012 he was employed in the ALUMIL team, undertaking technical support and training of manufacturers, as well as handling complaints for Southern Greece and Cyprus. At the same time, in 2008 he was a professor at the DIEK Metamorfosis in the “Aluminum Craftsman” department. He is involved in the community of the sector (SEKA member) and has attended training seminars on presentation techniques and trainers’ training (E.E.D.E., INFOLAB). In addition, he has worked in the USA, Europe, North Africa, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, gaining valuable experience in the industry’s local markets.

Since January 2022, he has been working with the Architectural Aluminum Academy as a Technical Trainer and is also responsible for suggestions and training on technical issues of architectural aluminum systems.