Thematic units included in the curriculum are:
  • Product mix of aluminium constructions – Legislative framework
  • Organization and management of production resources of aluminium architectural construction units
  • Manufacturing - Quality - CE acquisition process
  • Removal and installation of aluminium frames.
At the end of the training, the trainees are given:
  • Certificate of attendance by the Academy
  • Diploma of the program’s completion for those who pass the exams.
Certification by an independent body

Through the "Manufacturer Certification Preparation" program, appropriate preparation is made for participation in certification procedures by an independent body, (ISO/IEC 17024) so ​​that, if desired, the trainees can certify the knowledge, skills, and abilities they have acquired from the training.

Price per person: €300 (VAT included)

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Fast-paced training program for workers in the architectural aluminium systems industry.

Fundamentals of materials technology and architectural profiles. Energy saving through aluminium architectural systems. Surface processing technology. Product mix. Pane Technology.

Placement of equipment. Financial Management, Costing & Invoicing. Management of human resources. Health & Safety at Work.

Marketing & Communication. Digital Transformation & Digital Marketing. Contemporary Sales Techniques.

Legislative & Regulatory requirements. Application of Production Control System. Project Documentation. Compilation of accompanying documents. Type tests and essential characteristics of frames.

Fine construction practices and critical control points. Case studies of non-conformities in construction and installation.

Introduction. Grading – Wedging. Fastening. Insulation – Waterproofing. Delivery – Demonstration of fine operation.


Academy lecturers

The purpose of the Academy's experienced instructors is to provide knowledge, skills, and abilities under the new legislative changes and needs in the field of aluminium construction.


Presentation of the Manufacturers Certification Preparation Program

The Manufacturers Certification Preparation program aims to provide a diploma of successful completion, giving the possibility to participate in certification exams by a third independent body (the courses are held at the Academy's premises in Thessaloniki and Athens).


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    Manufacturer experiences

    quotes 1

    The new knowledge gained from the Academy will help us to improve our work.

    Baltagiannis Christos
    I learned new things in a wide range of subjects, from the construction and installation of frames to their costing.
    Manolopoulos Konstantinos
    The Academy prepared us about the future process that will be required in the field of modern construction. I hope that new training courses will follow to attend them and learn even more.
    Striligas Kostas
    The training programme provided us with practical experience and prepared us for the future that is coming in the aluminium architectural systems industry. I recommend it to all builders, it will help them grow as professionals.
    Biskitzis Thomas
    The training programme helped us to develop ourselves by gaining valuable knowledge about new systems and techniques. I encourage all colleagues to attend it to develop as craftsmen.
    Karamanolakis Manolis

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      Answers to your questions

      The 50-hour training program, entitled "Manufacturers Certification Preparation" is concerning all professionals in the field of Aluminium Architectural Systems with a minimum of 3 years of experience.

      You can easily participate by filling out the relevant expression of interest form. One of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

      The "Manufacturers Certification Preparation" Program lasts 50 teaching hours with the possibility of adapting the schedule to the needs of the participants. The training takes place at the Academy's privately owned facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as in other cities in Greece and abroad.

      The 50-hour program is implemented repeatedly during the year, in classes of 20-25 people with experienced trainers of the Academy and representatives of organizations of the Aluminum sector in Greece.

      By completing the Academy's educational programs, graduates have the opportunity to take Individual Qualifications Certification exams, which are conducted by a third independent body, and then receive the corresponding certification.