We are creating a new generation of professionals

We have in-depth knowledge of the aluminum industry both in our country and abroad. Hence, we recognize the opportunities that appear, identify the points that need attention, and unlock the prospects that the industry is able to offer through the right training. Every interested party who wants to make an important decision for his/her professional future must be aware of all the facts. At the Academy, we offer a well-designed academic and professional training program, which takes place in laboratories with all the necessary equipment within its premises.

Through integrated and fast-paced educational and training programs, the targeted training of our associates is achieved, quickly, easily, and efficiently, in a short period and at the lowest possible cost. We offer knowledge in one of the most sought-after and high-paying professions today in order to advance the aluminum architectural systems industry.

Aluminum Frame Technician

Preparation of Manufacturers Certification



Now that the reduction of energy consumption is of utmost importance for the European Union (a reduction of energy consumption of at least 32.5% by 2030 is expected), the Aluminum Frame Manufacturer is emerging as the profession of the future. As long as passive houses are promoted as the most economical and environmentally sustainable solution, the choice of aluminum systems will be the only way to achieve the best energy efficiency for our houses. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the club of the most up-and-coming professional sector!


The Academy in action!


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Architectural Aluminum Academy THESSALONIKI (ALUMIL S.A.)

Gogousi 8, 56 429, Efkarpia
Τ: +30 2316 022310

The Academy is located in Efkarpia, Thessaloniki. You have access by car via the regional road (Lagada street), as well as from Derveni via the Thessaloniki-Kavala National Road. Also, you have access by public transport, using line 38 of the O.A.S.TH. which starts from the station of O.S.E. in Monastiriou and ends in Efkarpia. In special cases of lack or inability to use a means of transport, we can send an ALUMIL vehicle to pick you up upon communication.

Architectural Aluminum Academy ATHENS (ALUMIL S.A.)

Tatoiou 67, Acharnes 136 71
Τ: +30 210 6298188

The Academy is located in Acharnes, Attica. The dot on the map shows you access to it from every point of the city. A large private parking space ensures that you will not be inconvenienced once you arrive. You simply choose your way to come, and once you arrive, we are ready to serve you.