The company has demonstrated significant progress, enhancing the quality of almost all its areas of operation. With this improved operation system as a foundation, we are confident in its prospects and dynamics, and we are looking forward to the future with optimism. The Counseling process helped us to review many issues that were taken for granted until now. Issues such as administration, operation, efficiency, and our general performance were strengthened by the valuable tools given to us through the Consulting. Those tools were simple, understandable, and adapted to the needs of our business, and hence we started using them immediately.

Key factors for the company’s progress are the persistence in keeping up with new data, the staff training in new procedures, and the consistency in the application of standardized tools that play a decisive role in the development and continuous control of the company. Our consulting has given us significant help in our timely and valid preparation in order to effectively take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves both in the short and the long term. The results of our cooperation are already evident and we expect an even greater improvement in the production and operation processes.