We educate the new generation of Aluminium Frame Technician.
Technical training of fabricators in Servia

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We train industry professionals in aluminum systems throughout different countries.
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We organize initiatives, promoting collaboration among scientists, professionals, & students.
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We keep engineers up to date about current construction issues.
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What is the Architectural Aluminum Academy?

The Architectural Aluminum Academy (AAA) is the Innovation and Skills Development Center in the sector of Architectural Aluminium Systems, with schools in Athens and Thessaloniki.

The Academy is an organization created on the initiative of ALUMIL and the partnership with two of the greatest universities of the country (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki & University of Macedonia) and, among others, two leading technology companies (D-CUBE & Atlantis Engineering), and fosters the advancement of the construction industry by prioritizing the continual training and development of its professionals.


What we have achieved so far

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Live & E-learning
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Fabricators, Architects
Engineers, Partners
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Consulting, Technical Support, Skills Development
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Our Services


Training of Industry Professionals

Training of Industry Professionals

Training programs and seminars tailored to the needs of construction industry professionals to update and develop their knowledge and skills.
Frame Technician

Vocational Training

Vocational Training

The vocational training "Aluminium Frame Technician" is the only comprehensive training program in the sector of Architectural Aluminium Systems, which aims to create the next generation of Frame Technicians.
Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Providing personalized advice and specialized guidance to companies in the sector of Architectural Aluminium Systems in order to improve their organization and the way they operate, improving their business strategy and closely monitoring their performance.

What people say about us

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The new knowledge gained from the Academy will help us to improve our work.

Baltagiannis Christos

I learned new things in a wide range of subjects, from the construction and installation of frames to their costing.

Manolopoulos Konstantinos

The Academy prepared us about the future process that will be required in the field of modern construction. I hope that new training courses will follow to attend them and learn even more.

Striligas Kostas

The training programme provided us with practical experience and prepared us for the future that is coming in the aluminium architectural systems industry. I recommend it to all builders, it will help them grow as professionals.

Biskitzis Thomas

The training programme helped us to develop ourselves by gaining valuable knowledge about new systems and techniques. I encourage all colleagues to attend it to develop as craftsmen.

Karamanolakis Manolis

The results of our collaboration with the Academy are evident and we expect an even greater improvement in the organization, operation, and production processes of our company. We are committed to continuing our cooperation with the Academy, in all its services, aiming to perpetually improve the organization of the company. | aLMen


After the completion of the consultancy, our company managed to better organize its administrative department, improving the organization chart and production process, the titles of production and management positions, as well as the Human Resources department, while creating new needs and job positions. | Mouratidis

MOURATIDIS Aluminium Constructions

The Academy has helped us monitor, correct, and improve our internal production and management processes. We have managed to capture the right data and information and turn it into a valuable means of interpreting trends, targeting, and sound decisions making. | Aloutek

ALOUTEK Zacharioudakis SA

Our company takes important steps toward its organization through consulting. The organization, information, and analysis of financial data were integrated for the first time in the dimension we desired in an easy and completely understandable way. | Atlasdoor


A highly professional collaboration with unique, targeted, and immediately applicable tools. We easily integrated them into our daily routine with the result of noticing a significant improvement in our work and getting closer to our goals. | PaMIL


The consultancy helped us in the organization and communication level of our departments, as well as in the management of information throughout the course of the projects. It also showed us the way for transforming data into statistical information and significantly contributed to shaping our company's strategy, as well as defining our future goals. | Corfuglass


The value of the Academy's advisory support to our business has been enormous. The overall material of the program, such as forms and procedures, was presented to us very effectively. Especially, thanks to the consultant's intervention and suggestions, the procedures were immediately implemented in our company, bringing about very positive results. | Alukat  


Consultation, as we have come to know it through our sessions, provides us with the knowledge for organizing data and information in an optimum way. As a result, accurate and efficient customer service and also the existence of a clear picture and performance indicators of the business, are achieved. The above-mentioned facts result in the best choice of decisions for known pricing, growth, and progress. And these are conclusions that an experienced entrepreneur can draw in just a few months! Many thanks to the Academy for its contribution to expanding our knowledge, capabilities, and horizons! | JNS FAKOURELIS


Studying in the Academy's "Aluminium Frame Technician" program allowed me to develop my knowledge at a theoretical and practical level, investing in an important capital for the development of the family business through an integrated study cycle. The quality of the instructors and the modern facilities of the Academy helped me to attend and complete the program successfully, aiming to prepare for the certification by an independent third party.

Adramanis Panagiotis

I chose the program "Aluminium Frame Technician" because it combines specialized theoretical knowledge with practical training, and now I have all the skills to be able to cope with the most demanding projects.

Evangelos Zirdelis

The Academy's program offers the student new professional perspectives to start a successful career in one of the most developing professions in Greece. What I liked a lot about the program is that we met people with advanced skills who transferred their knowledge of new ways of manufacturing and installing frames to us.

Baroutas Charalambos

The cooperation of Architectural Aluminium Academy with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Macedonia guarantees the high quality of our studies and gives us the certainty that our choice has the seal of two leading Greek educational institutions.

Ioannis Voutos

The specialized presentation of the products answered any technical questions to a significant extent by providing solutions and suggestions regarding the resolution of functional issues we faced on specific systems (FC 10,60,80, Pergolas, Railings 8100-8200). | Tzelis Inox

Tzelis Inox

Our personalized technical support program has helped us to answer any technical questions about the operation of door systems that we use, and the ones our customers are looking for. We have already booked the next meeting. | Roseplast doo

Roseplast doo