An integrated curriculum, the aim of which is to create well-trained Aluminium Frames Technicians who have the necessary knowledge to manufacture, install, maintain, and repair frames.

  • Who it is aimed at: people with little or no relevant experience who wish to start their career in a sector that offers prospects for immediate professional rehabilitation.
  • Duration of studies: 2 academic semesters | 120 hours of theoretical training | 480 hours of practical training
  • Course location: at ALUMIL's well-equipped facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki
  • Certificate of studies is given | Possibility to participate in certification exams by a Third Independent Body

Introducing the program

The "Aluminium Frame Technician" program encompasses comprehensive training in all facets of the profession, with a focus on equipping students with the skills needed for architectural aluminium systems and thriving in business endeavors.


Why to become Frame Technician

An industry that thrives

The aluminium sector is the second most exported sector in Greece, with our country holding one of the leading positions in the world in aluminium production. 25% of domestic production is used in the construction sector.

Immediate professional rehabilitation

Aluminium frame technician is one of the best-paying technical professions, with high demand and immediate professional rehabilitation.

A profession that leaves a beneficial environmental impact

It is a profession that actively contributes to improving the way we live in energy-efficient buildings that do not harm the environment.

At the core of worldwide advancements

The profession is directly linked to the European Union's target of creating new and converting existing buildings to zero energy and zero emission buildings by 2050.


Vocational Rehabilitation

Within the Academy, we boast an extensive network of partners within the aluminium frame manufacturing sector. Consequently, every graduate holding the "Aluminium Frame Technician" diploma from the Academy has the chance to seamlessly enter the job market and promptly secure a position as:

  • Technician in extrusion companies.
  • An employee of a company engaged in the manufacture, production and installation of all types of aluminium frames.
  • Freelancer who is contracted to supply, manufacture, install and maintain aluminium frames, after having worked as an assistant to experienced professionals in the sector.

We offer a certificate of completion, along with the opportunity for certification by an Independent Third Party for added validation.

Group 9

Educational Modules

Historical overview of the profession, mapping of key legislation, and employment trends.

Organizational chart, company size, economic production sectors.

Opening, sliding, fixtures, outdoor.

Designing, Frame Measurement, Projections - layout, cutting.

SI International System of Units. Anglo-Saxon system of measurement.

Principles of Statics. Scalable and vector sizes. Types of forces.

Tools & Skills for using mechanical equipment. Simple hand tools. Power hand tools. Punch presses. Machine tools. CNC. Carts and workbenches. Toolboxes.

General Employer/Employee Obligations. Security technician. Causes of accidents and precautionary measures. Workplace marking.

Opening - Sliding. Machining. Fitting. Coefficients. Profile paints. Certification of Surface Processes.

Aluminum alloys. Production lines. Recycling. Glazing. Composite panels. Woodee. Woodalux.

Production methods. Placement of mechanical equipment. Dead times- Value flow. Time Tact. Costing.

Definition of Quality. Basic concepts. Lean philosophy. 6s methodology (Six Sigma). ISO. Quality Control issues in profiles.

Types of communication. Communication stages. Marketing plan. Marketing mix. Branding.

Storage methods and systems. "Just in time" method. Stock items. Pallets. Barcode.

Categories- typologies. Aesthetics. Construction method. Components - wiring.

Glass curtains. Pergolas. Lining / Fences.

Doors and opening systems with glued SD panel. Bonding method.

Introduction. Components - construction. Installation of glazing.

Type Tests - Standards. Legislation.

Regulations, standards, and examples of marking for Construction Products. Drafting of a technical file. KENAK.

Theory of welding. Methods. Connection techniques.

Installation stages and coefficients. Frame replacement. Delivery – demonstration of fine operation.


Program Instructors

Through the continuous guidance of the Academy's experienced instructors, students gain technical knowledge and develop the skills required to manufacture, install, maintain, and repair aluminium frames.

Nikolaos Keramidas
George Sarantis
Fotis Andrikos
Ioannis Papadiotis
Iulianos Koufopoulos

What students say about us

quotes 1
Studying in the Academy's "Aluminium Frame Technician" program allowed me to develop my knowledge at a theoretical and practical level, investing in an important capital for the development of the family business through an integrated study cycle. The quality of the instructors and the modern facilities of the Academy helped me to attend and complete the program successfully, aiming to prepare for the certification by an independent third party.

Adramanis Panagiotis

I chose the program "Aluminium Frame Technician" because it combines specialized theoretical knowledge with practical training, and now I have all the skills to be able to cope with the most demanding projects.

Evangelos Zirdelis

The Academy's program offers the student new professional perspectives to start a successful career in one of the most developing professions in Greece. What I liked a lot about the program is that we met people with advanced skills who transferred their knowledge of new ways of manufacturing and installing frames to us.

Baroutas Charalambos

The cooperation of Architectural Aluminium Academy with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Macedonia guarantees the high quality of our studies and gives us the certainty that our choice has the seal of two leading Greek educational institutions.

Ioannis Voutos


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      Answers to frequently asked questions

      The 600-hour training program, entitled "Aluminium Frame Technician" is aimed at all those who wish to start their professional career in the field of Architectural Aluminium Systems with little or no experience.

      By filling out the expression of interest form. One of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

      • "Aluminum Frame Technician" Program: Α 600-hours duration program that is completed in one year and is implemented at the Academy's privately owned facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki.

      The 600-hour program is implemented once a year in small classes of 20-25 people with experienced instructors of the Academy, as well as representatives of organizations from the Aluminum sector in Greece.

      The Academy's immediate priorities include the channeling of its graduates into the professional Aluminum industry, utilizing the network of its partners in Greece and abroad.

      By successfully following the Academy's educational programs, graduates have the opportunity to take Individual Qualifications Certification exams, which are conducted by an Independent Third Party, and then receive the corresponding certification.


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