The Technical Training integrates both theoretical and hands-on technical training tailored for industry professionals, covering all architectural aluminium systems of ALUMIL.

  • Who it is addressed to: professionals involved in the manufacture of architectural aluminium systems, workers in extrusion industries as well as engineers
  • Duration: The duration can span from one day to one week, determined by the specific needs of each participant and the selected topics.
  • Where it is implemented: At the Academy’s facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki or at the premises of the professional/enterprise with equipment provided by the trainee.

Presentation of Technical Training

The trainings are conducted by highly qualified trainers with many years of work experience in the industry, having participated in international projects of high demand.


Why to choose Technical Training


Trainers formulate a personalised training plan based on the needs of each trainee.


The location and days of the trainings are determined taking into account the needs and preferences of each trainee, ensuring an optimal training experience.

High Expertise

The Academy is at the heart of developments allowing its instructors to transmit the latest industry developments and the most up-to-date methods and practices.

Practical Application

During the technical training, emphasis is placed on the practical application of the new knowledge by utilizing samples of architectural aluminium systems.


Technical Trainers

Our qualified team analyses your needs in order to design and deliver the technical training program exactly as you need it.

Pavlos Pavlou
George Kesapidis
Fotis Andrikos
Ioannis Papadiotis

What people say about us

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The specialized presentation of the products answered any technical questions to a significant extent by providing solutions and suggestions regarding the resolution of functional issues we faced on specific systems (FC 10,60,80, Pergolas, Railings 8100-8200). | Tzelis Inox

Tzelis Inox

Our personalized technical support program has helped us to answer any technical questions about the operation of door systems that we use, and the ones our customers are looking for. We have already booked the next meeting. | Roseplast doo

Roseplast doo

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      Answers to your questions

      It is aimed at the following categories of professionals:

      • Owners of manufacturing companies of Architectural Aluminium Systems
      • Architectural Aluminium Systems Technicians
      • Engineers
      • Workers in Refining Industries

      By filling in the Application for Training form. Once a representative from the Academy receives your request, he will promptly reach out to you.

      The length of each training program depends on its subject matter, ranging from one day to one week. Training sessions are conducted at the Academy’s dedicated facilities in Thessaloniki and Athens. In exceptional circumstances, where it is deemed necessary, the training can be arranged at the client’s location.

      Each program is tailored to the needs of the person concerned and there is no restriction on the number of participants. However, in any case, for the smooth running of the training, a relatively small number of participants per group is recommended to achieve the best possible effectiveness.

      The training is implemented throughout the year by the experienced trainers of the Academy.


      Training moments!