Companies that have momentum can achieve great results if they have the right support. At the Academy, we have in-depth knowledge of the construction industry, we are up-to-date about international market developments, we closely follow all new trends and we stand by the companies in the industry to help them achieve their goals. Thus, we have an in-depth understanding of your business and how it operates and effectively plan your growth agenda following the methodology below:

\ Recording of processes and operations of the company and diagnosis of the current situation
\ Evaluation of business functions and selection of areas of focus of the consultancy
\ Redesign and monitoring of the implementation of new processes
\ Performance monitoring through indicators. Based on this, processes are redesigned and further adapted where necessary.
\ Redesign of corporate strategy and creation of new objectives

Standing next to Businesses

The Academy’s specialized team is always at the side of businesses in the aluminium architectural systems industry, ensuring that your investment will have the maximum return, providing consulting services in the following areas:












Presentation of Business Consulting

Consulting services are based on contemporary methods and aim to strengthen the businesses of the sector and their operational development. With its experienced advisors, the Academy is next to aluminium manufacturers, to guide and support them in the operation and development of their business.


Business Consultants

Our expert team will always be by your side to ensure that your investment gets the maximum return.

Antonis Amanios

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    What people say about us

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    The results of our collaboration with the Academy are evident and we expect an even greater improvement in the organization, operation, and production processes of our company. We are committed to continuing our cooperation with the Academy, in all its services, aiming to perpetually improve the organization of the company. | aLMen


    After the completion of the consultancy, our company managed to better organize its administrative department, improving the organization chart and production process, the titles of production and management positions, as well as the Human Resources department, while creating new needs and job positions. | Mouratidis

    MOURATIDIS Aluminium Constructions

    The Academy has helped us monitor, correct, and improve our internal production and management processes. We have managed to capture the right data and information and turn it into a valuable means of interpreting trends, targeting, and sound decisions making. | Aloutek

    ALOUTEK Zacharioudakis SA

    Our company takes important steps toward its organization through consulting. The organization, information, and analysis of financial data were integrated for the first time in the dimension we desired in an easy and completely understandable way. | Atlasdoor


    A highly professional collaboration with unique, targeted, and immediately applicable tools. We easily integrated them into our daily routine with the result of noticing a significant improvement in our work and getting closer to our goals. | Pamil


    The consultancy helped us in the organization and communication level of our departments, as well as in the management of information throughout the course of the projects. It also showed us the way for transforming data into statistical information and significantly contributed to shaping our company's strategy, as well as defining our future goals. | Corfuglass

    CORFU GLASS Misfout


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      Answers to your questions

      Consulting is a process of personalized services, which aims to achieve specific business goals, and continuous development, as well as the improvement and efficiency of operational processes. It is a service addressed to all companies in the sector, which seek to review their general structure, review, and optimize their operation, research, and study strategic issues, increase their profitability, specialize in systems and elective projects, and finally the proper preparation for future successes. Specifically, in collaboration between the consultant and the executives of each company, the existing situation is analyzed in detail, and improvements are proposed in the 4 main pillars of the company’s operation. Organization, Operation, Performance Monitoring, and Strategy.

      Consultancy services are provided at the premises of each company, following timely planning through a process utterly adapted to the needs of the business. A necessary condition for the consultation to take place is the availability of time and space, discharge from current corporate issues, as well as preparation before each meeting. The duration is 6 months. There follows a period of 2 years during which each beneficiary has full access to the files from the training at no cost. In addition, each beneficiary can request an extension of the consultation at a support level and a very low cost.

      The cooperation through the provision of our services can be started whenever it is considered appropriate. A necessary condition is the timely submission of the application (contact form on the website). The application is examined by our team, then the first exploratory visit of our consultant takes place, and when the contract is signed, the schedule planning of our cooperation follows.

      The Academy constantly enriches the topics and services of the consultation and those who join the program have full and free access to all the educational material, as well as to the live training.

      The implementation of Consulting is personalized and therefore, whatever material is co-configured, the company can use it for its daily workflow. Besides, a prerequisite for the success of the program is the adoption of rules – forms, and controls for the way the company operates. The company will be able to search a broad base of different standards to select those that best serve its operation.

      Yes, there is the possibility and flexibility to adapt the Consulting services only on a case-by-case basis to individual axes. Of course, its success always depends on the degree of commitment of the company but also on the adoption of a holistic understanding of its way of acting.

      Yes, a certificate of successful completion of services is given by the Academy. In this certificate, we certify services provided, to which the shareholders of the Academy (ALUMIL, APTH, PAMAK, ATLANTIS, D-CUBE, GLM, CFT, and ALUTRADE) also contribute.