Ioannis Papadiotis

Technical Consultant

Brief CV

Ioannis Papadiotis is a graduate of the specialty “Technician of Mechanical Installations & Constructions”, with twenty years of experience in the field of aluminium architectural constructions. In particular, he has worked as a Technical Consultant and Product Manager in companies such as GIESSE and ALUMINCO.

He has collaborated with the largest producers and manufacturers of architectural systems in the development of new products and in the support of demanding projects in Greece (ETEM, ALUMINCO), Europe (PERMASTEELISA), England (COMAR, SENIOR ARCHITECTURAL SYSTEMS, METAL TECHNOLOGY), Cyprus (MUSKITA), Belarus (ALUTECH), USA (Skyline), Turkey (CUHADAROGLU, BEYMETAL, HILAL, ASAS), China (JANGHO), Israel (ALUBIN), Brazil (ALCOA, HYDRO, OLGA COLOR, ALPEX, BELMETAL) and Argentina (ALUAR, HYDRO), offering advisory services at all levels. At the same time, he has vast knowledge and valuable experience in different markets and construction philosophies.

Since January 2022, he has been employed at the Architectural Aluminium Academy as a Technical Consultant, with the aim of theoretical and practical training, certification, and also further types of training in the construction industry.