Architectural Aluminium Academy Supporter at the “Energy Efficiency in Buildings 2023” conference

True to our mission to promote the principles of sustainability in the design and construction of modern buildings, we participated as an official supporter in the Boussias Energy Efficiency in Buildings 2023 conference, held on Tuesday, 4 April at the OTEAcademy in Athens.    

The main topic of the conference, attended by more than thirty speakers from Greece and abroad, was the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings at all stages, from design to implementation, operations, and maintenance. The speakers focused on the prerequisites for developing sustainable and “smart” buildings in Greece, discussed best practices for optimizing energy efficiency in buildings and infrastructure, and presented leading case studies from the global energy efficiency market.  

Through this well-organized and exciting conference, participants had the opportunity to gain knowledge on how energy efficiency upgrading of buildings can help attract users, buyers, and investors, to learn how to obtain financing for specific energy upgrade projects, to gain a comprehensive picture of the global market and to be the first to follow the changes that are expected to take place in the coming years in the Greek and international market in terms of technologies, interventions, design and tools for the construction of energy-efficient buildings. 

Supporting this critical initiative aligns with our vision and mission and our effort to systematically inform those involved in the value chain of architectural aluminium systems about the new trends that will define the construction industry’s future.  

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