Empowering Excellence: Reflecting on a Milestone Year at the Architectural Aluminium Academy

2023 marked a significant milestone for the Architectural Aluminium Academy, as it completed two years of operation, emerging as a beacon of excellence in the architectural aluminium systems industry. Through systematic effort and strategic partnerships with ALUMIL, esteemed public educational institutions, and innovative startups in the technology sector, the Academy has solidified its position as a hub for education and innovation. Our overarching goal remains to revolutionise the construction industry by championing sustainable practices and cutting-edge techniques.

Through meticulously designed integrated training programs, we instil a lifelong learning and excellence culture, empowering seasoned professionals such as architects, engineers, and fabricators while nurturing the next generation of industry leaders. By cultivating a vibrant community of researchers, scientists, professionals, and students through collaboration and open innovation, we facilitate the exchange of ideas and foster lasting relationships, thereby propelling progress within the industry.

The year 2023 was marked by a flurry of initiatives that made a tangible impact on the architectural aluminium systems industry:

  • We organised the 1st Open Innovation Day and the Confluence Challenge, the latter in partnership with the I4byDesign Competence Centre, to accelerate the connection of the participating industries with research teams and start-ups to develop innovative solutions that help create a more sustainable future.
  • We conducted a nationwide survey in collaboration with the Laboratory of Business Excellence of the University of Macedonia and the participation of POVAS, shedding light on the specific needs of aluminium fabricators in Greece.
  • We introduced new services tailored to support engineers, including specialised seminars on contemporary construction issues and innovative testing services such as the Blower Door Test and Infrared Thermography.
  • We advanced our training methodologies, including incorporating simulation walls, to provide hands-on training for industry professionals in applying new materials and techniques for aluminium frame installation.

The Academy’s investments in innovation, research, training, and education yielded remarkable results in 2023. Over 1.500 fabricators and engineers across Greece, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Romania, and Serbia were trained on contemporary issues in architectural aluminium systems, underscoring the international impact of our endeavours.

In addition to the training seminars we conducted last year, our overall contribution to the development of professionals and businesses in the industry, from the beginning of our operation until today, is particularly significant: 14 companies in the sector trusted and chose the Consultancy programme, improving their organisation, operation and strategy; 228 fabricators attended the 13 cycles of the “Preparation for Aluminium Manufacturers Certification” programme, which was implemented in 9 cities in Greece; finally, 67 students attended the “Aluminium Frame Technician programme.

As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we look towards the future with unwavering optimism, remaining steadfast in our mission. With a focus on construction excellence, sustainability, inclusivity, and collaboration, we are poised to take charge of reshaping the industry in the coming years.


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