More than 200 Manufacturers
participatedin the 10 Cycle of Studies

More than 200 aluminium fabricators participated in the ten cycles of our “Preparation for Aluminium Fabricators’ Certification” Training Program, which took place under the auspices of P.O.V.A.S. in Athens, Thessaloniki, Serres, Ioannina, Larissa, Patras, Heraklion, and Chania.  

By attending our 50-hour Program, participants had the opportunity to broaden their horizons in relation to modern architectural aluminium systems, enrich their theoretical and technical knowledge in the fields of construction/installation of frames and certifications, as well as to acquire new “greenskills, necessary for the energy upgrade of buildings and the sustainable development of the construction sector. With an emphasis on practical training and dealing with everyday problems and difficulties, the fabricators were given all the necessary tools to pass the certification exams by a third independent body, a fundamental process both for the recognition of their skills by customers and partners and for the development of their own profession.      

In a market that is growing very dynamically, the “Preparation for Aluminium Fabricators’ Certification” program offers today’s professionals the knowledge of tomorrow, providing fabricators with essential knowledge around sustainable construction practices so that they are ready to face new challenges, meet new market needs and become even more competitive.  

Discover the Professional Training Programs we offer, aimed at evolving the architectural aluminium systems industry according to sustainable building design and construction standards.


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