1st Open Innovation Day

Recognizing the crucial role of innovation in the long-term business success and sustainable growth of the construction industry, we organized the 1st Open Innovation Day, which took place on January 16 at the Grand Hotel Palace in Thessaloniki, with the participation of Architectural Aluminium Academy partners, innovative tech startups and research centers from all over Greece. 

With a vision to foster the sustainable construction of buildings, we implemented an important initiative that brought ALUMIL and the other Academy partners together with innovative Greek tech startups. The aim of the event was to take the first step toward the development of an ecosystem that will cultivate a culture of innovation and create the conditions for new strategic alliances. The initiative is expected to continue and be enriched with more actions, aiming to harness innovative ideas that can contribute to faster project implementation, technical performance optimization and profitability increase.   

As strategic partnerships are at the core of the innovation strategy, representatives of different ALUMIL divisions presented the challenges of the future to the participants, and together they explored the opportunities that are being created. Through cooperation, it is possible to develop and implement new technologies in the areas of sustainable building construction, smart homes and personal assistants, robotics, product traceability, use of advanced materials and recycling. 

The 1st Open Innovation Day is a particularly important event for the construction industry, as it marks the transition to a new era that will define its future. In this new era, Architectural Aluminium Academy and ALUMIL will play a leading role, focusing on the one hand on research and strategic partnerships to exploit technological innovation and on the other hand on the systematic training of industry professionals to assimilate all the new knowledge, processes and tools.  

The 1st Open Innovation Day was attended by the following participants: 

Architectural Aluminium Academy’s Partners

  • ALUMIL, the leading Greek company in the development of architectural aluminium systems 
  • Business Excellence Laboratory of the University of Macedonia. 
  • Physical Metallurgy Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 
  • D-Cube, a company involved in the design and implementation of innovative computing and machine learning technologies in enterprises. 
  • Atlantis Engineering, a company specializing in the organization of installations and equipment maintenance, incorporating cutting-edge technologies. 


Innovative tech startups and research centers

  • Magos, the company that developed the “magic glove” that digitizes real hand movements, changing how we interact with the digital world. 
  • Gizelis Robotics, a company specializing in providing automation system solutions.  
  • Satori Analytics, a company focused on using data and advanced analytics for digital business transformation. 
  • Ideas Forward, a company dedicated to creating and supporting businesses that turn new information and communication technologies into market innovation. 
  • Design VS (DVS), a creative CGI studio. 
  • Αvantech, a dynamic company in the field of special constructions and applications of aluminium and glass. 
  • I4byDesign Competence Center focusing on Industry 4.0 technologies and aiming at the digital and technological transformation of industrial processes.   
  • Teaching Factory Competence Center providing technical support, training and consulting in digital production systems and industrial automation. 
  • Jenny Livadarou, engineer of new technologies and innovation, member of the Board of Directors of Ellaktor.  
  • Representatives from the Special Account for Research Funds of the University of Macedonia. 
  • Representatives from the Technology Transfer Offices of the University of Macedonia and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 

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